Reviews From Our Customers

Creekside Installed Our Free-Standing Fireplace in Just a Few Hours

Creekside installed our free-standing fireplace in just a few hours. It had taken us months to find someone to install this fireplace, which we had bought direct from the manufacturer. Mike did a beautiful job and was very thorough and cleaned up so you would not have even known he was there. The inspector (a very demanding one in our city) complimented the installation and said “he did a great job-he obviously knew what he was doing.”

We are SO happy. Thank you!

Jeannie B.

October 22, 2019

The Job was Professional, and Amazing

Absolutely perfect! From the repair of the 100 year old tile to the installation of the gas logs the job was professional and amazing!!

Tom U.

October 22, 2019

No High Pressure Sales

Great service and friendly people. No high pressure sales. Lots of variety to choose from. Highly recommend.

Jill N.
5 Star Google Review

August 22, 2018

Big Selection

Very helpful staff, clean, big selections.

Paul Y

5 Star Google Review


July 22, 2018

The Primary Heating Source in a Very Large Great Room

We bought our Heat Champion with the expectation it would become the primary heating source in a very large great room with insufficient baseboard heaters. And we weren’t disappointed!

Our first day we fired it up at noon — it was 59 degrees inside, 22 degrees outside with 30 mph winds. Inside temp climbed steadily and by dinner the room temp was 70 degrees with no other heat source. And we achieved that using only about 12 logs (hardwood plus kindling) over an 8 hour period. Thanks to Mike and the gang at Southeastern Heatmor who found a way to make it fit tightly into our natural stone fireplace.

Marsha L

October 22, 2017

Great Atmosphere

The moment you walk into the showroom you will see who knows everything about what you are looking for. They have everything you can think of in the heating department. It’s no secret that you get what you pay for now days. So trying to compare competitors pricing isn’t a option. If you’ve done your research you will see for your self how much better everything is built. Great atmosphere!

Mike N.
5 Stars on Google

July 31, 2016

I Recommend Them

Good customer service, I recommend them.

Brent D.
5 Star Google Review

October 22, 2014

Worth the Trip

Wonderful people, lots of selection, worth the trip to Almont. You will not believe what they can do for your home.

Brian S.
5 Star Google Review

October 22, 2014